The Land of Fire and Ice (Iceland)

The Land of Fire and Ice (Iceland)
"To walk through this raw landscape, which is still being created and shaped by fire and ice, is to get some sense of how worlds are made."

Iceland... a wealth of landscapes, of intensity, of volcanic wilderness and mighty geysers. 

A land of tranquility and mesmerizing scenery. 

Live Out Loud Adventures has managed to bring these worlds together with the help of a local Icelandic family that will show us, guide us, and walk us through this Nordic island country. With over 15 years of adventure guiding experience, we know we’re in good hands. 

We’ll be on an Icelandic path, hiking in the mountains, walking on glaciers, visiting islands rarely seen. For those who so desire, we’ll ride along the black sand beach on Icelandic horses and for those that like a treat, we’ll sink into the ground … into the warmth of our own geothermically heated basalt stone pool just waiting for us at the end of the day.  We’ll stay in manors and retreats … sanctuaries in the heart of southern Iceland where traditional Icelandic culture meets modern luxury. 

We’ve thought about it all. How to incorporate day hikes with culture, movement with relaxation, the dramatic with tranquility. Iceland is once in a lifetime. Moments are important.

Monday September 9 to 16th, 2024.

4 spots remaining as of October 2023. We can take a maximum of 12 guests. 

For detailed information (including cost), please contact us at or at 1-647- 504-2108

The Land of Fire and Ice, Iceland

The Land of Fire and Ice, Iceland

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