Live Out Loud Adventures' mission is to facilitate empowering out-of-door experiences that connect people with something greater than the experience itself. Whether you climb Kilimanjaro or hike the West Coast Trail, Live Out Loud Adventures offers you the chance to reconnect with the natural environment, with yourself and with others, and, in so doing, to discover that there is more in you than you realize.



Live Out Loud Adventures (LOLA) is an adventure based company specializing in classic hikes around the world. We offer trips that are exhilarating outdoor experiences; trips that inspire adults and youth to live life with intention:  to get out there and do what they’ve always dreamed of doing. We enable you to discover more of yourself.



Individual Support

Individual Support

We offer unparalleled support. From the moment you sign up, we’re with you. We offer individualized fitness programs & gear lists, and ensure that all safety, health and travel issues are attended to. We want you to be as successful as possible and we make great strides to ensure you are properly prepared.

Experienced Guides

Experienced and Knowledgeable Guides

We offer experienced and enthusiastic guides who want none other than to give you a fun, safe, and meaningful trip. All our guides are certified with Wilderness Medical Associates and have extensive back country experience. Learn more about who we are here.

Responsible Travel

Authentic Experiences & Responsible Travel

We offer authentic experiences and strive to showcase the culture, the ecosystems, and the countryside from a real and honest perspective.

We offer responsible travel. On all Live Out Loud Adventures trips we practice “Leave No Trace” principles. We are committed to ecologically sensitive, low-impact adventures in each of the destinations we visit. Through cultural awareness and connections with local outfitters (who provide us with in-country logistical support) we have established goodwill and long-term relationships. Our partners care about your experience, and are eager to share their cultures with you and draw you into their world.


Alison WileyAlison Wiley loves adventure and enjoys bringing that sense of exhilaration, happiness, and discovery to others.  She truly lives by the dictum that "there is more in you than you realize" and strives to convince others of the same through the incredible hikes/trips offered by Live Out Loud Adventures.  Alison was a world class athlete having attended Stanford University and racing to a NCAA 1st place finish and a silver medal in the 1983 World Cross Country Championship.  Triathlons kept her busy after she hung up the racing shoes and a MBA from the University of Toronto launched her into a world of business.

Today she operates Live Out Loud Adventures, leading memorable treks around the world and guiding climbers to the top of Kilimanjaro, her summit in 2019 being her 10th successful ascent.  She is the founding president of Friends of Amani Canada, a charitable organization that supports Amani, a home for street children at the base of Kilimanjaro.  Her attention to detail, her desire to stay true to the feel and place of travel, and her canny ability to create a memorable and meaningful experience, is what differentiates her and Live Out Loud Adventures from the ordinary.

Angus MurrayAngus Murray is an accomplished outdoor educator and guide and has guided expeditions throughout North America, and in Africa, South America and Europe. He has been working in the outdoor industry for the past 30 years. Angus is the past Director of Outdoor Education at Rosseau Lake College and Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School.

On May 21, 2008, Angus was the 50th Canadian to summit Mt. Everest! Angus has spoken about his Everest experience at numerous schools and organizations since his successful climb in 2008, earning him the reputation as not only an accomplished climber but a highly engaging motivational speaker.

Angus is on his way to completing the seven summits (the highest mountains of each of the seven continents), having successfully climbed 5 of these mountains to date.

Rebecca MurrayRebecca Murray grew up in the wilds of Scotland where she developed her taste and enthusiasm for outdoor adventure.  Her childhood was spent trekking, without paths or trails, through the remote Scottish highlands, camping, staying in Bothys (small derelict houses left over from the highland clearances), and climbing distant and lonely peaks.  Those early experiences set Rebecca’s future career.  For the past 10 years, she has worked as an Outdoor Guide and personal development trainer guiding clients by bike, by canoe, over mountains and along the best treks throughout Europe and central Asia.  Rebecca also works for charities aimed at helping people build self-esteem and independence by using outdoor expeditions in Scotland as the catalyst for change.

Since 2017 Rebecca has been based in Chamonix, Mont Blanc.  In her time off she can be found exploring rock faces and new places to ski, always searching for a new adventure.  Rebecca is looking forward to sharing her knowledge and passion for the outdoors. 

John TerryJohn Terry climbed his first mountain in Garibaldi Park in British Columbia when he was five years old and, ever since, prefers to look up rather than back. He has guided for Live Out Loud Adventures in Africa, and scaled the highest – and possibly coldest – peak in North America (Mt. Denali in Alaska), climbed the highest summits in the Rockies, gone on solo climbs in South America, and climbed with mates in France, Bali and Borneo.  He has also completed that hard-core New Zealand invention, the Coast to Coast race, which requires cycling, mountain climbing and white water kayaking across NZ’s South Island.

John can be found in all seasons in the wilderness, paddling, biking or skiing, and thrives on introducing people to unexpected pleasures in the outdoors, including polar bear swims and snowshoe treks under the full moon. When ‎not outdoors, he practices law based in Toronto, specializing in litigating high-profile public, human rights and international disputes.

Kate WileyDr. Kate Wiley is a Family Physician currently practicing Sports Medicine in Calgary, Alberta. She is an avid outdoors woman who enjoys the back country of the Canadian Rockies for running, hiking, camping, and cross country skiing. She is a previous competitive runner, competing for Harvard University in the 1980s in both Cross Country Running and Track and Field.

Kate has been involved with LOLA for many years, first as a member of the 2008 team that summited Kilimanjaro, then as a west coast trail hiker in 2011, and most recently as a member of the first LOLA team to hike Everest Base Camp in 2013. She loves the journey that the LOLA trips embrace.

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